About Clear Access

Clear Access is a full-service Internet Service Provider (ISP). We specialise in both commercial and residential connectivity solutions. Whether you’re at home or in the office, we ensure that your internet just works.

We work harder, so you don’t have to

Not only that, but we strive 24/7 to let you work, stream and play without lagging and buffering, no matter what your colleagues and kids are doing online at the same time.

We help you live your best online life, whether you want to video conference with head office, stream your favourite series, or enjoy cheap, crystal-clear calls.

We get that you need to be online

We understand that the internet is crucial to the way we all live now. It helps you work smarter and play harder. It brings people closer and saves money and time on travel.

Our fibre network is already available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Nelspruit and Durban, and we’re constantly expanding to give more people Clear Access  to the full resources and functionality of the internet – at unprecedented speeds.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission

At Clear Access, we’re on a mission to bring you the best of the internet through providing network connections that work as promised, all the time. We design, install, monitor and manage networks that make life online more enjoyable and more productive for everyone.

Our vision

We can imagine a South Africa where everyone has access to high-speed internet. Where time and distance don’t matter, and where people belong to one online village. Where people can make money, make friends and make a difference thanks to the speed and reliability of fibre connectivity.

Our Management Team

Jaco Minnaar

Managing Director

Sean Naude

Chief Technical Officer

Debbie Schmidt

Financial Manager

Jo-Anne Hobday

Sales Manager

Mark Cherry

Support Manager

Rudolf Mostert

Technical Manager

Ready to live at the speed of light?

If you’re tired of slow, unreliable ADSL internet, it’s time to change. If you’ve had enough of lag times and buffering, you need more fibre in your digital diet. If you’re spending too long at work, we can help you be more efficient.

Do More Online